Flexible Dual-Density Dildo



All Natural Quartz Dildo


Unique Materials

Our selection of body-safe dildos come in a variety of uniquely pleasing materials. The dual-density silicone of our suction cup dildo makes it particularly flexible without losing its firmness. Looking for something extra special? We recommend our best-selling crystal dildo. Not only is it exceptionally pleasing to the eye - it’s 100% pure quartz material means you can heat or cool your crystal dildo to any temperature you desire. Inspired to learn more? Check out our article on other nifty things you didn’t know your dildo could do here.

Suction Cup Dildos

Our dual-density silicone dildo is a best-selling suction cup dildo. The suction cup base makes this dildo an incredibly versatile sex toy. Stick the powerful suction cup to your shower wall or headboard, or strap it into your harness. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

Sex Toys for Couples

Dildos are a favorite when it comes to sex toys for couples. The dual-density design of our suction cup dildo is a crowd pleaser because of its natural feel and its pliable nature - meaning you can push it in whatever direction satisfies you (or your partner!) If you’re little nervous about talking to your partner about bringing sex toys into the bedroom, check out our article on how to have “The Talk”