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Ergonomic Clitoral Vibrator


If you’re looking for a toy that can deliver soft, satisfying broad clitoral stimulation, we got you! Snazzy’s unique design allows you to snuggle the clitoris between its two soft silicone ridges, or turn the vibe over for a more diffused, but still powerful, rumbly sensation.

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      Snazzy $99.99

      Our favorite features:

      Broad Stimulation

      Provides ultimate stimulation to the vulvar area - you’ll feel this one all over! An awesome choice for those who enjoy stimulating both the clitoris and the labia.


      Whisper quiet motor that easily goes undercover. Basically, you can have fun without anyone else in the house catching on.


      Fun all on its own, this toy earns extra points because it plays safe in the bath or shower. Gotta love the endless possibilities!

      Soft-Lip Design

      Snazzy’s distinctive shape allows you to cradle your clitoris between its two velvety-soft folds. The ridges are wider at the base, and taper together closer to the top allowing you to slide this vibe upwards or downwards to hit all the right places. The rumbly vibrations of the Snazzy are a powerful treat, one that allows the lips to provide satisfying, broad stimulation to the entire clitoral region.

      Snazzy Clitoral Vibrator


      The soft, silicone ridges envelope the clitoris to provide satisfying, rumbly vibrations (sexy tip: turn Snazzy over for a more diffused sensation). Turn Snazzy on using the P button, then scroll through all 4 vibration modes to find the perfect speed. Explore varying intensity levels for each mode via the + and – signs.

      Volume: 2 out of 4
      Strength: 3 out of 4
      USB Rechargeable

      Snazzy Bath


      Body Safe: Phthalate-free. Non-porous.
      Material: Silicone
      USB Rechargeable: Full charging cycle is 4 hours. A full charge yields 1 full hour of play time.
      Care & Cleaning: Clean with soap and water using a lint-free cloth. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Use only water-based lubricants.
      Warranty Information: 1 year warranty
      Measurements - Length: 5.3 inches, Width: 1.25 inches (tip), 1.5 inches (shaft), .5 inches (channel) 1.5 inches (handle)

      Snazzy Clitoral Vibrator