We may be all about the retro here at TWIXXT, but we have to admit that modern technology is pretty rad. From USB functionality to full app support and an internal memory system, sex toys are getting smarter and smarter and the potential play they offer is ever-expanding.

Sound daunting? Don’t feel too overwhelmed! Sure, your new sex toy purchase might look like it has more features on it than your smart phone, but all this means is that you get to experiment with all kinds of different sexual experiences.

What sort of experiences can you expect? Here are just a few of the nifty features that we dig here at TWIXXT:

Temperature Sensitivity

Some sex toy materials will actually allow you to play around with different temperatures or will adjust to your body temperature upon use. Glass and metal toys, for example, start out almost icy cold and can be chilled further for frosty thrills or warmed for a hot climax. Silicone, on the other hand, will start warmer and tends to get to body temperature very easily when inserted, making it feel like a match made in material heaven.

Sticking To The Base-ics

Flared bases make toys booty friendly and compatible with a harness, making them more commonplace nowadays, but some toys go the extra mile with their base. That’s right; certain sex toys will come with a suction cup as their base, allowing you to use them hands-free or have some shower-time sex. Speaking of which…

Toys In The Tub

Get ready for some fun beneath the bubbles while you have a splashing time with a waterproof productWaterproof toys let you explore a rub in the tub, as it were, while also being a breeze to clean. Just make sure you get a ‘submersible’ toy rather than just a splash-proof one for full underwater use.

Squeeze To Please

Like to be in full control of your pleasure? Or perhaps you’re tentative around toys and would like to guide your play session? You’re in luck! Some toys now have pressure sensitive control pads which let you fully control the vibration intensity based on how firmly your squeeze the pad. Take the pressure out of your pleasure with these pads.

Back On Track

How awesome was it when MP3 players first started remembering the last song you played? Well now sex toys can do that tooThanks to a built in memory your favorite vibrator will keep your ‘top track’ on tap for you, so you never need to worry about skipping a beat in your play session.


More To Explore…

So there you have it! Just a few of our favorite features from the curated TWIXXT selection.

Don’t worry though – we haven’t ruined all the surprises that sex toys have to offer. Browse through our curated collections and you’ll find all sorts to look forward to.

Enjoy your explorations.