Adult purchases are an investment - and not a cheap one at that!

Because of this, it pays to know how to take care of your sex toy in order to make sure that it truly is something that you can enjoy for years to come.

Sex Toys Need Care?

They certainly do!

The most important thing to keep in mind with sex toys is hygiene. Everything you purchase at TWIXXT will be made from a body-safe material but ‘body safe’ does not mean ‘cleaning-free’.

Cutlery, for example, is technically ‘body safe’ but you’d never think of using knives and forks that hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned in between uses. Who knows what would still be lingering on them, or what it could do to your body!

The same goes for sex toys.

How To Clean My Toys

Toy cleaning is often a straightforward affair but it does require some know-how and special equipment.

If your toy is silicone and labelled ‘waterproof’ then you have no worries; a standard toy cleanser or some antibacterial soap and water will allow you to submerse, scrub, and rinse your toy as if you really were cleaning your cutlery.

If the toy has small grooves, a lot of texture, or an open charge port, however, then you’ll need to pay special care to these areas in order to get a truly thorough clean.

If your toy isn’t waterproof, then you’ll instead need to use a damp cloth, some designated toy cleaner, and perhaps even a little toothbrush to really be diligent in cleaning.

No matter your approach toys can be patted dry and then left to air dry for the rest of the process. This is especially the case for booty toys which might otherwise retain an odor.


After cleaning, you’ll want to make sure that you store your toys in the correct manner.

Individual anti-bacterial sex toy storage bags are a good way to go and many toys will come with their own bag.

When a bag is lacking, however, opt to keep toys in a drawer that is regularly cleaned (to keep it safe too). Make sure toys don’t touch when to avoid any potential material reactions. It shouldn’t happen with good quality materials but better safe than sorry!

Low Battery

Ever left dead batteries in a remote control only to open up the casing and found the crusty, unsightly residue of leaked batteries? You don’t want that to happen with your toys!

If you’ve purchased a toy that relies on external batteries then take them out in between each use. Yes, it’s not as sexy but it will save your toy a whole lot of potential drama (and help the batteries last longer).

As for rechargeable batteries? Do your best to give any new toys a full charge before you use them to ensure optimal battery life in the long term. After that, simply charge up after every use and you’ll be left with a toy that’ll last you for many orgasms to come (pun intended).

Keep it clean babes.