So you’ve been looking in to sex toys and you like what you see…buut you haven’t mentioned it to your partner yet.

That’s a bit of a bump in the road.

Don’t give up on your pleasure destination yet, though! If you’re ready to take the first steps towards introducing toys to your relationships then we’re ready to help you do so.

‘The Talk’

The first part of successfully introducing sex toys to a relationship isn’t physical. It’s verbal.

When wanting to try anything new in a relationship it really is important to make sure that you talk it out with those involved and make your intentions clear:

‘I’m hungry. Want to grab a takeout?’

‘I fancy an adventure. Why don’t we go on a road trip?’

‘I’ve been looking in to sex toys and I think it would be really exciting if we use them together. Would you be willing to try one with me?’

From the first talk through to picking a product - make using sex toys in your relationship an activity that you engage in together. Not only does this make the experience one that is inclusive, but each step also acts as its own opportunity for sexual foreplay, verbal or otherwise.

The Big No-No’s

Before you have ‘the talk’ there are also a few big no-no’s that you should avoid at all costs and that you should be considering when it comes to why you want to use toys, too.

  • Never spring a sex toy on someone just before (or, heaven forbid, mid) a play session. Remember how shocked you were when you first discovered sex toys? Imagine discovering them while you were naked, with your guard down, about to get busy.
  • Always check the material and features of your products, especially if either of you have allergies.
  • Don’t buy a toy because you think it will please your partner without considering your needs too. Relationships are interdependent and your personal pleasure matters.

Where To Start?

The next step is an exciting one – shopping!

But where to start? Are ‘solo’ products in the cards or does it have to be ‘couples’ only?

The sky is the limit, our lovely readers!

Take a dildo, for example. Dildos can be used to penetrate a partner while engaging in oral sex, allowing for positions that would otherwise involve a lot of yoga practice.

Bullets can be held by one person during sex, or used to make one’s fingers vibrate for a quivering touch.

There are also sex toys designed specifically for use with couples, which are usually focused around being compact and easy to hold or useable during intercourse.

Taking It Step By (Sexy) Step

If all of this sounds overwhelming then we recommend taking smaller steps towards using sex toys rather than jumping straight in to the deep end.

Here’s the order we recommend (guidelines, of course):

  1. The Aries Finger Vibe: Gentle, nothing intimidating, the perfect primer.
  2. The Tango: A more serious taste of toys, but still very focused on joint and guided use.
  3. The Leaf Fresh+: Now we’re getting in to creative play your way.
  4. The Helio: No buzz, no guidance, it’s all up to you (we know you’ve got this).

Whatever your selection, rest assured that any products purchased from TWIXXT come with discreet shipping and a 30 day return policy. We’ve got your back.

So There You Have It!

Sex toys successfully brought in to the bedroom for your partnered pleasure. Remember that our return policy does exist and take things slowly with a certain amount of patience and good humor.