PowerBullet Motors

PowerBullet vibrations are created with a copper motor wheel that is 60% more heavy than most vibrators. This means you get more powerful vibrations that are truly ‘rumbly.’ Added bonus: PalmPower features an innovative vibration-resistant handle that ensures those vibrations stay in the head (where you want them!) and aren’t distributed throughout the handle (where you don’t!)

Palm Power Wand Vibrator


Controlling your PalmPower is a piece of cake, which means you can get right to business. Press it once to turn on, press and hold to increase power, and press it once more to turn off.

Volume: 2 out of 4
Strength: 5 out of 4
USB Rechargeable

Palm Power Bath


Body Safe: Phthalate-free. Non-porous.
Material: Silicone & ABS
USB Rechargeable: Full charging cycle is 2.5 hours. A full charge yields 1 full hour of play time.
Care & Cleaning: Clean with soap and water using a lint-free cloth. Optionally, use gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Use only water-based lubricants.
Warranty Information: 90 day warranty
Measurements - Length: 7.5 inches, Width: 1.6 inches

Palm Power Wand Vibrator