Vibrators, bullets, and wands – oh my!

When it comes to all things buzzing, rumbling, and humming the sex toy industry seems to have its own little lingo going on. Sometimes it makes the sheer notion of learning every bit of buzz-based info an impossible task.

But fret now! We’re here with a quick and easy guide to all things whirring and undulating.

Knowledge is power and power is what vibrators are all about.

The Inside Out of Vibrator Types

The first thing you need to know about vibrators is that not all of them are created equal. A bullet vibrator is not the same as a wand, for example, even though both of them are used externally.

Generally, though, you can expect vibrators to break down in to four different types:

External: These vibrators are all about the outside of one’s body. Nipples, labia, clitoris, penis, etc.
Internal: G-Spots, P-Spots, booties, and vaginas. These vibrators want to stimulate you internally, hitting various pleasure points as they go along.
Dual: Your standard rabbit vibrator or similar. These toys have both an internal and external prong made as a ‘one size fits all’ of pleasure.
Couples: Intended specifically for partnered use, these vibrators often fall in to one of the above three categories but tend to focus on pleasure (and fit) for everyone involved.

Different Toys, Different Purposes

From these categories, vibrators then split off more strictly in to further categories.

We’re not going to sugar-coat it – there are a lot of different categories – but they’re not actually too hard to figure out.

Vibrators are essentially designed to please the user by offering stimulation to a specific part of the body. As such all vibrators essentially target different points of the body and are then shaped to meet the needs of those points.

Think of it like this:

The G-Spot: Curved or semi-realistic internal vibrators, usually with a bulging head to help add further pressure.
The Vagina: Straight-shafted or textured, much more about a general sensation than a precise one.
The Clitoris/Nipples: Typically smaller and shaped like a ‘bullet’ with a tapered, pin-point head to allow them to make full contact with their chosen area.
The Vulva: Tend to be broader or more pebble-like in order to get more general coverage of the labia and overall area. Depth and resonance is often common with vulva toys. Wands reign supreme.
The Booty: Offer a flared base and are often either remote controlled or have their controls on the base for ease of use.
More Than One!: These would be your dual stimulation toys. Rabbit vibrators, penis rings, some couples toys and similar. Fun but sometimes restrictive in nature.

Style Over Substance?

In addition to different vibrator designs, there are also different types of vibration that are worth considering when looking to purchase a toy.

You may have noticed us mention ‘pin-point’ and ‘broad’ in the above section. These are actually two types of intent when it comes to vibration and how it feels.

Pin-point Vibrations: Are all about being compact and localized enough to target and satisfy small areas.
Broad Vibrations: Tend to be more about dispersing their sensations deeper in to and across the body, aiming for depth and breadth in order to win users over.

What really matters, though, is the type of vibration that a toy employs.

All vibrators have a motor in them in order to make them work and the strength and design of that motor will ultimately determine how the vibrations that they produce feels.

Much as with vibrator designs, these vibrations will run the spectrum in terms of sensation and quality, but they are generally broken down in to three main types:

Buzzy: These are the types of vibration which, if you held the toy against your nose, would make you sneeze if strong. Buzzy vibrations are a smooth, sharp and almost electrifying type of vibration which literally sound like they’re ‘buzzing’ during use. Buzzing vibrations can also feel shallow or superficial at times, but some users like this, especially if they want a very precise type of stimulation.
Rumbly: Generally agreed upon as the victor in the buzz v. rumble debate, rumbly vibrations judder so deeply in to the body that one shudders in satisfaction at the sheer force. These vibrations feel slower and heftier but stronger too. You can almost feel the motor as it gets to work and the resulting vibrations resonate quite broadly. Wands often offer these sensations most prominently, but a lot of internal toys employ them too.
Buzz-Rumble Combo: Some toys will actually feel like they’ve got two things going on at once. Either they’ll always feel a little bit buzz-rumbly of they’ll start rumbly and become more buzzy as they speed up. This offers variety but might not always be what users want.

As a final surprise contender, some vibrators offer a suction feature, where they will literally create a vacuum around the clitoris (they are always clit toys) and pitter-patter the body to climax. This feels very similar to oral sex and is even combined with vibrations sometimes too, for the best of both worlds.

So There You Have It!

So many different vibrator types and categories broken down in to one handy-dandy little segment for you.

If ever you find yourself looking at vibes online with intimidation then just take a deep breath and remember the different categories outlined here. We can assure you that almost all vibrators will fall in to these terms (and a fair few will even highlight them as part of the product description too).

Happy shopping!