It’s 2018; using sex toys is no longer considered a sordid affair. Thanks to technology and a growing global village of internet sharing, visits to adult stores and even sex toy parties are no longer viewed as shady soirees.

Thankfully, we now live in a world where sexual desire in increasingly (and rightfully) celebrated and where every self-loving sexplorer out there is starting to feel more comfortable accessorizing - from their bedside drawers to their travel bags.

But what are the absolute need-to-knows for curious newcomers and inquiring individuals? Allow us at TWIXXT to give you the low down.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Sex toy purchasing is a breeze once you get the hang of it, but there are a few important things that newcomers might want to consider when finding the right toy for their living situation.

Noise level: Do you need a discreet toy? If so then you might need to avoid very strong vibrators or those that don’t come with a ‘whisper quiet’ guarantee.

Water play: A fan of sex in the shower? Then you’ll need a toy that matches your aquatic inclinations with a waterproof feature. Waterproof toys are also much easier to clean, as an added bonus.

Jet Setter: If you find that you travel often then you might want to consider a more compact, discreet looking toy with a travel lock. Look for toys that advertise these features.

Charge type: A lot of toys are USB rechargeable now and some even come with a low battery warning. Always check the play time of your toy to see that its charge duration will meet your usual needs.

Material Matters

The next most important thing to consider when selecting your ideal sexual accessory is just what it’s made of.

Sadly the adult product market is still largely unregulated and that means that some companies put out a lot of nasties such as materials that melt, retain fluids (known as ‘porous’ products), or even cause infection and chemical burns!

Don’t worry – you’ll never have to deal with any dubious materials here at TWIXXT – but to keep you safe here is a handy material guideline:

Safe: Silicone, borosilicate glass, ABS plastic, properly treated wood/precious stone, stainless steel.

Avoid: Jelly, rubber, ‘cyber/real feel skin’, latex, silicone-hybrid.

To Thine Own Self Be True

You may not know a lot about sex toys (yet) but that’s where the fun begins!

We highly recommend that before you make a purchase you take the time to think about which kinds of sensations bring you pleasure. If you’re still not sure, explore your body with your hands or invite a partner to participate in your research. Give yourself permission to love your body (quite literally) and carve out your own sexual exploration.

Once you’ve had some time to play and reflect you’ll be in a good position to consider what toy type might match what you’ve been doing in your solo sessions. The most common types are:

External vibrators: Perfect for solo play or partnered play and usually used to target the clitoris, nipples, head of the penis, or other sensitive areas. These toys are made for use outside of the body and come in bullet, pebble, or similarly vulva-accommodating sizes. If you’re going for play with a partner then consider a smaller product. That way you can hold it securely in place without worrying about bulk.

Internal products: Sometimes vibrating, sometimes not, these are the toys that are made for inserting in to the body and can be used to thrust, wiggle, or clench your way to a perfect climax. If you know that you love G-spot stimulation then opt of a toy with a curve, whereas if you love to thrust go for something slightly straighter and smoother for your first purchase.

Rabbits/Both: Popularized by Sex and the City pretty much everyone knows about the iconic potency of a powerful rabbit vibrator. Providing both an internal and external arm, these toys are great for individuals who know they like it all and don’t want to worry about holding two toys at once. A word of caution though; One size doesn’t always fit all.

Booty products: Did you know that the babes among us are more likely to try booty play? Booty toys come in the form of plugs, beads, and harness compatible insertibles and, with over 35% of people now regularly incorporating some butt stuff in to their sex life, now is as good a time to try as any.

Suction Based: In recent years a new type of toy has hit the market which simulates oral sex with added vibration to boot. Many find that these suction-based sex toys can bring on intense climaxes in mere minutes (or less), which is a bit jarring for some but utterly divine for others. If you’re an oral lover then you owe it to yourself to try a suction based sex toy. Trust us here.

Everything Else: Penis rings, whips, chains, sex toy necklaces, paddles, harnesses, lubricant (a must) and so much more. The world of adult products is a wonderful and expansive one, but the above should get you started will all the basics that you need to know.

Matching how you like you sex with current sex tech might be a bit of a trial and error experience but don’t let that deject you. Just like with any new venture the learning curve is just part of the process (and sometimes the fun too).

Plus, with our discreet shipping and 30 day return policy you never have to worry about falling victim to disappointment at first sight.

In Summary

And there you have it: the key elements that newcomers should consider when looking to make their first sexual purchase.

Stick with these suggestions and you’ll find yourself biting your lip with sexual delight in no time.