Have you heard about lube? If not then you’re missing out!

Lubricant is a type of sexual wellness product used to add additional moisture to wherever you desire it.

You may be thinking that lubricant is only for those who cannot easily make their own fluids. This is probably the world’s worst rumor and one that we aim to put to bed right here and now.

Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why lubricant is rad and deserves to be celebrated as the sexual wellness essential that it is.

Lube Offers Different Sensations

Ever had someone stroke the back of your neck after a hard day’s work before applying the firm and affirming pleasure of a relaxing massage?

If not then we highly recommend it, but if so then have you also had a similar experience except with the added glide and nourishing element of a massage oil?

Our bodies alone allow us to offer and experience some pretty gratifying sensations, but lubricant presents an additional way to explore similar actions with an added element to them. One doesn’t negate the other and both are incredibly rewarding.

Lube Acts As A Sexual Guide

If you’re new to sex toys then lubricant might be the best form of backup that you can employ.

Lubricant’s natural viscosity helps to acts as a buffer for vibrations, essentially allowing you to dip your toys in to trying new or stronger sensations without feeling their full, raw potential against your skin. 

Lube can also give some extra slide to insertable toys, which may have a somewhat ‘grabby’ surface.

In short, lube always got your back and you can never have enough of it

Lube Helps You Go For Longer

Getting a bit of friction from your sex session but still craving its continuation?

Lube is practically made for situations like this!

Hack your body’s natural hydration by adding some extra lubricant and you can enjoy yourself for as long as you desire. Pleasure shouldn’t have limits, after all.

Lube Makes Booty Play Possible

The booty does not make its own natural lubrication: This is just a fact.

As such if you want to engage in some booty babe fun time then you will need a good, tailor-made lubricant.

No area of the body is out of bounds but sometimes we do need a bit of assistance.

Some People Need It (And That’s Okay!)

We can’t emphasize this one enough! Age, mood, health, or even just a desire of a quickie that the body hasn’t quite got on board with; so many different factors can impact how naturally lubricated we are that there really should be no shame in employing a little extra when so desired.

So put any shame that you may have around lube to bed and get on board with one of the best adult items you can ever purchase.